Assignment format

Assignment Format

Formatting and presenting your assignment properly is essential because almost all assignments has marks for it presentation. This may include marks for formatting, layout, word count, referencing style, writing style, grammar and spelling. Following are the tips for how to format an assignment.

General  Assignment Rules:

General  Assignment Document Format:

File format

  • Most assignments need to be write on MS word.
  • You may submit your assignment on one of the following format: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx or .rtf.
  • Do not submit html files, web pages, CAD files, Visio (.vsd), PowerPoint (.ppt), PDF s (.pdf) or zip files unless these format required for your course.

If you have any sort of confusion regarding your assignment format, you can ask your mentor for help.


  • Use a clear, readable text font like Arial, Calibri, Verdana or Tahoma, and use the same font in whole paper.
  • Use black color text on a white color background. Don’t use colored backgrounds or color text rather than black unless you have special instructions to use them.


  • Use 1.5 or double spacing and fairly wide margins. This leaves space for the mentor to add comments.
  • Leave a blank line between each paragraphs.
  • If the questions are short, leave a blank line between each question. If they are long, start each question on a new page.


  • Use bold text for headings.
  • Don’t underline the heading.
  • Use same font for heading as well but you may change the font size for heading.

Title page

Title page is mandatory for all assignments, which should include the following information:

  • The title of your assignment and number of the assignment.
  • Your full name and student id number.
  • Course name and mentor name.

This information must be on center of the page.


  • All page should have page number except title page.
  • Tables and figures must be numbered and clearly labelled. Never repeat the same number for multiple table. You may use sub number for tables and figures for example (fig 3.a and 3.b)
  • Don’t mention numbers in a reference list.

Headers and footers

Add a header and footer on each page (except the title page). It should contain:

  • Your name (last name, first name/s).
  • Your student id number.
  • The course number.
  • The assignment number.
  • The page number.

Word count

Your assignment should not exceed or less than 10% of the word limit mention in your guidelines. Remember that words in the title/title page, references and appendices are not count in the word count limit.

References / Bibliography

The references list or bibliography comes at the end of the assignment, and should start with a new page labelled ‘References or bibliography’.

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