How to Write Dissertation Summary

How to Write Dissertation Summary

Executive summary is the part of dissertation. The executive summary is a summary of the project, which is usually quite lengthy. The aim of summary is to analyze and summarize the paper’s content, giving the reader an strong overview and main point of what your dissertation paper is about.

Dissertation Summary Guide

A well-written, well-organized summary is like abstract in a more structured form. It gives your readers all the concept about what will know after reading your dissertation paper. It covers your idea, your research goals, and your results in a short format that will help reader to understand every thing

Below are Some Tips for Writing a Strong, Effective Summary:

Tips for Writing Dissertation Summary

  • Use formal writing style.
  • State the aim and purpose of your dissertation.
  • Describe your methodology.
  • Provide concise, complete and specific information.
  • Provide the outcomes of your study.
  • Provide a brief overview that help reader to understand what your dissertation is all about
  • In terms of word count, the paper’s summary should be approximately 8-10% of the total length of your paper.
  • Place the summary at the beginning of your paper, before the Table of Contents.


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