Essay Format

What is an Essay Format?

An essay format is a guideline that define how your paper should be arranged. It covers all the heading of an essay like: the title page, essay outline , essay structure, conclusions, citations etc.

How to Format an Essay?

While formatting an essay, you need to have a title page, proper essay structure, text capitalization, proper citations, in-text citations and you need to know how to make a hook for an essay. Below are the guide for essay formatting.

How to Create a Title Page?

    • Double-space your page. Do not use single-space.
    • Use 12-16 font size.
    • Write the name of your institution.
    • Another way: beneath the name of your institution, write the title of your essay.
    • Towards the bottom of your paper, write your name, the course name and number, the instructor’s name, and the due date.


Introduction, Body, and Conclusion:

All type of academic work, either it is a short essay or a dissertation, has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In a five-paragraph essay, one paragraphs are for introduction and one for conclusion, while remaining three are for body part.

In Text Citation:

Whenever you are citing the work of someone else in your paper, you always have to use in-text citation in the text in order to show the reader from where you found the information.

Reference Page:

The Reference page is where you list all  sources you used.

  • Arrange your sources in an alphabetical order.
  • If your reference takes more than two lines of text, write the second line of text to the right by one inch, and all other lines for the same reference after the second.
  • Materials taken from different types of media like: print, web, lecture, etc must be formatted differently.
  • Write the last name of the author. Place the title and then the publishing information

There are many different ways to write references because there are many different references style. Read more about Referencing style

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