Referencing Style Used in Assignment

Referencing Style Used in Assignment

Referencing is the way to show the sources of information that you use to research for writing your assignment. You need to provide references whenever you copy or use someone else words, quotes, idea or research. Providing correct references in your work is very important.

Why do we use reference?

  • To give the original author credit for their ideas and work
  • To validate your arguments
  • To provide the original source to the reader if he or she need to read that
  • To show your mentor that you done lot of research for your assignment
  • To avoid plagiarism


What is plagiarism?

  • Using someone’s else ideas and presenting it as they are your own – either directly or indirectly
  • Copying someone’s text and images
  • Summarizing information without showing the original source
  • Changing a few words in a section of text without admitting the original author

Guide for Referencing styles:

Following are most widely accepted and preferred referencing style used in assignment

References are used in a document at the end, in a reference list or bibliography.

Why do students need to know about how to write correct references?

There are many different referencing  styles use in assignment and each of them have different origin, specification and features. Students need to know the referencing style required for their work, as the referencing styles vary between schools/colleges/universities (or even between courses and subjects). Choosing inappropriate referencing style for your work which is not required to your mentor may impact on your marks and grades. So before starting your assignment check the referencing style in your assignment guidelines/brief or ask your mentor

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